The Word on Wedding Cars

While many grooms are happy just to put on a suit and turn up on the day, there is one particular aspect of wedding planning which is likely to make their motor hum: the wedding cars.

As a bride, it’s worth keeping in mind that your ideas about wedding cars are likely to take a back seat (excuse the pun) to your groom’s wants and desires.

And with so many other things for you to organise, it makes sense to let your groom take responsibility for this task at least!

What Type of Wedding Car?

There are however a couple of things to take into consideration before you give your groom the green light on choosing the wedding cars. These are:

  • The number of people being transported. The wedding cars have an important role to play, bringing the bride and her father (or whoever is giving her away), as well as her attendants (bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys) to the ceremony. If the reception is at a different location, you will need to look for wedding cars that will legally be able to carry the number of people you have in mind – this time the group will likely include bride and groom, and the remainder of the wedding party.
  • What is your budget? It’s boring but obviously needs to be taken into account – though there are lots of ways to go about it. You can hire vintage cars or stretch limos, or make use of a prestigious BMW, Mercedes or similar from your parents or other family members. If you or your groom are enthusiasts you may be members of a club, or have friends willing to chauffeur you on your big day in their street machine or hot rod.

Once upon a time, wedding cars were white, silver or black – but today’s bride is no longer bound by tradition. Why not go for something quirky, like a Volkswagen beetle or an old Kombi van?

Really when you think about it, any car can be turned into a wedding car simply by adding white ribbons to the bonnet.

However do make sure your ride is up to the occasion by booking in a service beforehand, as well as a detailing job. After all, you wouldn’t want to get grease, oil or chocolate stains on your beautiful dress now, would you?!

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