The Case for Brides to Wear Glasses

There’s one bridal style question which here at Special Weddings, we think should be obsolete, redundant, and never asked again:

Should I wear glasses on my wedding day?

We say a heartfelt YES!

If you are a gal that wears glasses every day, of course you should wear them on your wedding day.

It’s as if people think that wearing spectacles will ruin your looks – and in this day and age, it just ain’t so.

Children used to hate wearing glasses, as they were likely thick and ugly, making them the butt of school yard taunts and bullying.

But times have changed, and glasses are cool. Just ask any optometrist working with children – these days, it’s much more common for kids to be upset when they don’t need glasses, rather than when they do!

While some brides might contemplate switching to contacts for their wedding day, if you are not used to them you could end up with red, sore eyes and that’s not exactly the look you are going for!

The good news is, today’s spectacles are lighter and more comfortable than ever, with an amazing array of brands, colours and styles to choose from. Rimless, tortoishell, cat’s eye, metallic, glittery, bright, pastels, designer – there really are the perfect frames for everyone, and for every occasion – including your wedding!

When a bride asks, “Should I wear glasses on my wedding day?” – is this the last remnant of sexism? Have you ever heard of a groom wondering if they should wear their glasses on their Big Day?!

Why You Should Wear Your Glasses on Your Wedding Day

The biggest reason to wear your glasses on your wedding day is this – so you can see your groom as you walk down the aisle.

Plus, don’t you want to be able to see the looks of admiration on everyone’s faces? As well as the flowers, the décor and all the other beautiful touches that you’ve spent so many months organising?

The second reason? Because you want to look like you, on your wedding day. Sure, you want to be the very best, glammed up version of you – so why shouldn’t your glasses be part of that? Fact is if you wear glasses on a daily basis, you probably look very different – even a little strange! – without them.

Tips for Brides who Wear Glasses

Of course, there are some considerations to make sure your glasses blend beautifully with your bridal look. For example:

  • make sure they have an anti-reflective coating, so your beautiful eyes aren’t hidden by the flash in wedding photos.
  • at the same time, transitions lenses are probably not a great idea, as they will go dark outside – again, hiding your eyes in photos.
  • you’ll want to check that your photographer is skilled in taking pictures of brides wearing glasses – check out their portfolio.
  • remember to bring your glasses to your dress fittings, hair, and makeup trials.
  • speaking of makeup, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions may not be a good idea if you wear glasses. It can be annoying if they are too long and are constantly brushing up against the lenses – however a good lash technician/makeup artist will ensure that this isn’t a problem.

Although it might seem tempting to trot out a new pair of glasses on your wedding day, this is not the time or the place. New frames aren’t always comfortable, and new lenses can give you a headache or make you feel dizzy if you’re not used to them – the last thing you want on your Big Day.

Should you wear glasses on your wedding day? We say, HECK YEAH!

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