What’s New in Wedding Shoes

Why do brides worry so much about finding the perfect wedding shoes? After all, if you are wearing a long dress, nobody is really going to see them!

And  yet … beautiful shoes remain a high priority. Because nothing makes you feel as special, as a magical pair of kicks!

Today’s Trends

Forgive the pun, but plain white wedding shoes are no longer the sole (haha) choice for modern brides. Here are just some of the most popular trends spotted walking down the aisle this year:

Shiny Shoes – Metallics are perfect for any special occasion shoe, and is there any more special occasion than your wedding? There’s a metallic to suit everyone, from silver and gold, to pewter, bronze and rose gold.

Colours –  A dress in mocha or blush calls for a shoe in a similar shade. Or why not match your shoes to the bridesmaid’s gowns, whether that be a pretty pastel or a revved up red?

Embellishments – Fancy footwear is the order of the day, and you’ll find an array of bridal options featuring embellishments like lace, crystal, beading, embroidery and tassels.

Styles – Court shoes have been a bridal classic for so long, that it’s refreshing to see lots of strappy sandals, block heels, ballet flats, and other alternatives.

Or how about “glass” slippers like Cinderella – actually made of Perspex, but close enough!

Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

Here are some points to consider before you start your bridal shoe shopping:

The Style of Your Wedding – Beachy brides might choose to wear thongs or even go bare foot, while garden brides should probably bypass stiletto heels that will sink into the ground, and look for a wedge or ballerina flats instead.

Walking Down the Aisle – Will somebody be escorting you on your walk to the altar? In this era of independent women, you may choose to walk by yourself – but if you have very high heels you may find yourself a bit wobbly with nerves as you make your grand entrance, and wish you had a stable soul to lean on – or at least a lower heel!

What is Comfortable for YOU – Let’s face it, if you have a long dress you can wear any type of shoe that you please, from slippers to sneakers – because nobody is really going to see them!

One bride we know made the unusual choice of wearing white knee high boots with platform soles.

Not only did they make an interesting feature for her wedding photographs, they gave her the height she needed to carry off her long gown. Plus, as she has flat feet, she knew the platform soles would be much more comfortable than any other type of heel. They were also a great choice for her winter wedding!

You want to feel good as well as look good on your big day, so make sure you break in your wedding shoes in the months beforehand.

And on the day itself, remember that wearing pantihose or stockings helps to prevent the rubbing and chafing which can lead to painful blisters.

What’s the most unusual bridal shoes that you’ve ever come across?

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