Creative Guest Book Ideas

Your guest book is a great way to cherish memories from your wedding after your celebration has come and gone. As bride and grooms get more creative with decor, the idea of a traditional wedding guest book is evolving. Your guests don’t have to sign a “book” made up of paper and binding; alternative guest book ideas are a great way to show off your couple personality or tie-in your wedding theme. 

Keep reading to discover six unique guest book ideas you can use in your wedding:  

Globe: Adventure enthusiasts can share their love of the world with their family and friends by using a globe guest book. You can even get some great new travel ideas by encouraging your attendees to sign next to their favorite destination.

Surfboard: If you are having a tropical wedding or live near the beach, consider having guests sign a surfboard instead! This tubular idea doubles as creative wedding decor. 

Quilt: Want a guest book you can cuddle with? Ask your guests to sign pieces of fabric, and once you have all the fabric pieces signed, sew it together. Voila! You have a cozy guest book quilt to use whenever you get cold. 

Dictionary: There’s already a book full of kind words to describe your love – the dictionary! Have guests circle a word that reminds them of you and have them bookmark the page for you to revisit later. 

Corn hole: If you and your spouse love lawn games or tailgating, have guests sign a corn hole board you can use for years to come.

Puzzle: Since love is a riddle, fill up a jigsaw puzzle of sweet words and kind messages. Your puzzle will be complete once all of your guests have helped put the pieces in place. 

Tablet: Take advantage of new technology with a tablet guest book. Have guests record messages straight to an iPad that you can compile into a movie later. You and your spouse will be able to rewatch these memories over and over again. 

Here you can find more wedding guest book ideas from Zola. You can also keep reading to check out some more wedding guest book inspiration below!

Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas Image courtesy of Zola


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