How to Pick your Wedding Venue

Almost all aspects of a wedding are optional. From the dinner menu to the attire, you can pick and choose the features that you want for your big day. That said, there is one thing that is a non-negotiable requirement – the venue. A space to host your family and friends as they witness your profession of love is necessary. This is an aspect of the wedding that you can’t skip or skimp on. 

Choosing the perfect wedding venue seems simple but is actually challenging. There are a few factors that you should consider before making this big decision. To make the process easier for you and your wedding party, below are a few tips that can help you through the selection: 

List Your Must-Haves

Most wedding venues offer the same amenities for the events that they host. The spaces often offer catering packages and audiovisual equipment inclusions – to name a few. Nevertheless, it is important to sit down and decide on the features that are non-negotiable. 

For instance, if your dream wedding is a destination wedding, you might want to consider a space that includes accommodations for your guests. It might be wise to consult a trusted destination wedding travel expert. This way, you don’t have to think about a second location for your loved ones on your big day. Likewise, if you are a pet lover and you intend to include your furry friend on your wedding day, a pet-friendly space is in order. At the end of the day, your wedding is one of the biggest events in your life –  you are allowed to make your vision into reality. 

Mind the Guest List

The number of guests that you intend to invite to your wedding informs the space that you should consider. After all, a venue might seem perfect but if it is too tight to host 200 of your guests, it isn’t the right space for you. 

It is important to note that most venues look huge when they are empty. In choosing your wedding space, it is crucial to consider the wedding essentials that would take up the limited floor area. Between the tables and chairs, the dance floor, and the buffet, your guests would need some elbow room to move around and enjoy the party. 

Stay True to Your Dreams 

While you must be flexible in a few wedding decisions, your wedding is a celebration of your love for each other. The venue that you choose must align with the vision in your head. It must reflect the kind of couple and relationship that you have. 

There is space for compromise when it comes to wedding planning. However, the venue that you choose shouldn’t be too different from the vision that you have in your head. Ideally, this is the only wedding that you will have in your life. It should reflect your dreams. 

Truth be told, booking your wedding venue is one of the most pivotal parts of planning a wedding. Most of your decisions would be informed by the space that you choose. 

But more than logistics, deciding on where you would host your big day makes it real – you are getting married and in a few months, or weeks, you get the spend the rest of your days with the love of your life. Congratulations! 

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