Must-Have Wedding Vendors

You can plan a wedding on your own. There are resources online that can help you navigate through the entire process. 

That said, there is nothing simple nor easy about taking on a big event like your wedding without the help of professionals. Your wedding vendors can create a better planning experience for you and your betrothed. Wedding experts have a plethora of connections. They can provide you discounts and bundles, you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to should you have endeavored on the process alone. 

Not all wedding vendors are created equal. If you are planning within a set budget, below are the vendors that are a must-have for your big day:

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is one of the most important players in wedding planning. Wedding planners are tasked with the difficult job of keeping all decisions organized and within budget. With their expertise, they can take the stress and hassle of event planning off of your shoulders. They are vital to a successful wedding and most couples attest that a wedding planner is money well spent. 

Venue & Caterer

Unlike other aspects of a wedding, there are two things that are required for the big event – the venue and the food. The venue that you choose informs most of the other decisions that you will make for your wedding. It can affect your theme, the colors that you choose, and the number of people on your guest list. 

In the same breath, the wedding menu is the one thing most guests look forward to. Beyond the bride and the groom, the food is the centerpiece of the reception. It is crucial to choose your menu mindfully. 

To save on your wedding expenses, it is a good idea to ask the venues you are vetting about inclusions. They might be able to offer a package that already includes all the basics like catering, officiant, and even, decor. 

Entertainment Vendor 

Entertainment vendors can come in many forms depending on the type of wedding you want as a couple. This category may include the photographer and videographer that documents the event. Likewise, you have the option to hire a band or a DJ for your big day. 

The entertainment vendors that you choose depend on the overall theme and vibe you are going for at your wedding. Whether you want a burger bar or a taco station or even rent a photobooth for your friends, the decision is up to you. When it comes to entertainment, the world is your oyster.   

The list of vendors above can provide you with the wedding basics that every couple needs to plan a successful event. That said, at the end of the day, you must remember that every wedding is different. Each couple has a different vision of their perfect wedding. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to taking your wedding dreams and turning them into reality. 

With the must-haves above, you can plan the wedding of your dreams even on a budget. Truth be told, when it comes to weddings and marriages, you have already accomplished the most difficult part – finding your one true love. Everything else is a bonus. 

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