Down the Aisle with Style

How 3 sisters tackled this problem following the divorce of their parents …

When your parents are divorced, it can create all sorts of delicate situations which need to be negotiated carefully if your Big Day is to be enjoyed by all.  One question that may arise is:  Who will walk me down the aisle?

Sisters Natalie, Julie and Sarah each chose a different approach on their Wedding Day, in keeping with their own personality and the individual relationship they had with their parents.

Julie married first, and asked her Mother to do the honours:

I grew up with my Mum, and we were quite close so it just seemed like the right thing to do.  I guess if I’m honest I knew she would be offended if I asked Dad!  I was very young and as I still lived at home, didn’t want to upset her.’

Natalie chose to walk down the aisle alone:

I had been living on my own for several years, so it seemed silly to have a parent ‘give me away’ when I’d been independent for quite some time.  The situation between my parents was difficult at best – at least this way neither of them could complain that I had chosen one over the other.  I felt my decision was appropriate for a modern woman!

Looking back on it now though, I realise why most girls choose to have a parent or relative beside them.  I was shaking with nerves and wearing very high heels, so I would really have appreciated an arm to lean on!  All of a sudden the aisle seemed a lot longer than it really was.

My husband and I have talked about it since, and we wish that he had met me at the door of the church so we could have walked in together.  It would have been romantic and I would have felt a lot more comfortable!’

Sarah asked her Father to escort her on her walk down the aisle, and he was thrilled to have the chance at last to perform this traditional duty:

I’ve always been a lot closer to my Dad; and I felt kind of sorry for him that he hadn’t been asked before!’

If you are still stuck for an arm to lean on when your Big Day comes, consider a brother, stepfather, sister, or friend of the family.

All three sisters believe that paying for their own wedding  gave them a lot more freedom to make their own choices.

Thankfully there is no reason to stick to traditions in this day and age.  The true purpose of etiquette is to make people feel relaxed, and in this case the Bride should choose whichever person will be of the most comfort to her on a very nerve-wracking occasion!

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