Why Choose a Camping Honeymoon?!

When it comes to the honeymoon, there are many choices for newlyweds. 

Traditional options include tropical beach resorts and luxurious mountain retreats either at home or overseas (Covid permitting!). 

Less traditional honeymoons are cruises, self-drive touring holidays and glamping. 

While honeymoons in exotic locations are idyllic, they can be pricey.  A camping honeymoon, however, can be cheaper option.

Camping varies from basic, rustic camping in a swag, to glamping in a luxury tent right on the beach.  Either way, camping can be surprisingly romantic. 

Who doesn’t like gazing up at the stars, listening to music around the campfire, snuggling in a cosy sleeping bag and sipping wine while sharing memories of the wedding day?  The glow of battery-operated fairy lights adds to the romantic ambience.

Four Suggestions for Camping Honeymoons

  • Camping in National Parks is the cheapest option, with camp fees starting from as little as $6 per person, per night. National Parks vary in regard to the amenities provided.  Some have flushing toilets and running water whilst others have long-drop toilets and barbeques.  Generally, National Parks do not have electricity.  They are most attractive to couples who are keen bushwalkers and nature lovers.
  • Private landowners offer campsites through the Hipcamp website. This is the best option for total privacy, as you can camp without any neighbours.  While some landowners do provide basic amenities, in most cases you will need to be completely self-sufficient.  Make sure to bring water, portable toilet, and camping shower.
  • Newlyweds who prefer amenities may choose to stay at a caravan park.  Many are located right on the beach with spectacular views and easy access to shops.  Prices can be up to $70 per night for a beach-front site, but this is still good value when compared with hotels or resorts.  Many caravan parks also have cabins or on-site caravans available.
  • If you don’t wish to stay in one location and want freedom to explore, you can hire a campervan or motorhome.  

Regardless of what type of camping honeymoon you choose, it’s a good idea to plan out your itinerary in advance. 

Helpful Tips

  • Take the time to research and consult websites like Trip Advisor for recommendations.
  • Check out Big 4 or Top Tourist Parks for reviews of caravan parks
  • Log on to the National Parks website in your state/territory to find gems with swimming holes and scenic walks.
  • Popular campsites, especially those near beaches, will need to be booked ahead.
  • Any tours or attractions can also be in high demand, so booking tickets in advance will avoid disappointment.

Whether you glamp in a safari tent at an Eco-resort, or camp on an uninhabited tropical island, a camping honeymoon can be a romantic way to begin your new life together! ❤

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